How to Plan Your Perfect Christmas Party Adventure

Christmas. It’s really coming and those all-important end-of-year wrap ups are looming! We know what the gift of adventuring gives, so it’s time to snap out of that traditional party format, take them OUT- adventuring, touring, tasting and experiencing.

It’s time to inspire your team – create a memorable, bonding experience that will keep them talking, laughing and challenging themselves. At Byron Bay Adventure Tours we specialise in taking ordinary people and getting them to see and do extraordinary things. With the help of our local partners we not only showcase the incredible natural beauty of our region but also take people on a journey, helping to bring out the best in your team, which can unveil some amazing results.


Know Your Group

What’s your demographic? What ages to they vary? More sightseeing than adventure seeking? Our Big Day Out Tour explores the Nightcap National Park, including a rainforest walk to the base of spectacular Minyon Falls and visit to the charming village of Bangalow. More thrill seekers in your group? Try Earth to Surf Adventure Tour incorporating a Go Sea Kayak around the cape, sighting dolphins and the spectacular coastline before heading off to explore the beauty of Minyon Falls.

Unique Challenges

Why not incorporate some interesting and fun ways to challenge your team? Working in teams to get to the top with our Mt Warning Sunrise Tour? Which team will be the first to catch the last wave home on our kayak adventure – the Ocean to Summit Tour. Combine team building activities with a walk to the base of majestic Minyon Falls on our Waves to Waterfalls Adventure. The options are endless and the opportunities are a plenty! We can create something completely unique to your group.

The Benefits?

Find out what really motivates your crew. Healthy competition can be a great motivator! What will they learn that they can take home with them? Are there born leaders in the group? Team players? Ones that need to work on their communication skills? Make tangible rewards to give real incentives to inspire your group or just to say thanks! Maybe learn to surf, a kayak adventure, chasing waterfalls, or even a night under the Mt Warning stars. 


Byron Bay is the quintessential destination for a truly unforgettable team building Christmas experience. The magical region is bathed in natural beauty, sunshine for the soul, panoramic hinterland vistas, hikes and impressive waterfalls. We have all the elements for one truly amazing adventure! Invest in your people and the returns will be GREAT.

Let’s get the Adventure Started!

Yep. Talk to us! We really are the experts in adventure, team building and creating unique personalised group experiences. Make it fun, make action packed, make it memorable and engaging. We’ll set the backdrop, bring the gear, pack the tent, light the fire, and serve the delicious local food. Break the Christmas mould, try something new, exciting and let Byron Bay Adventure Tours do the rest!