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Byron Bay Winter Wanderlust

As the summer crowds thin and the temperatures begin to ease, Byron Bay reveals a whole new side! Winter is the perfect time to enjoy clear starry nights by the camp fire (not to mention mugs of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows!), the magic of the humpback whale migration, forest mountain biking, daytime rainforest hikes and leisurely strolls through the streets of the regions many pretty hinterland towns. If you’ve never considered Byron Bay in the wintertime, then read on to find out why we love this time of year!

On a Byron Hinterland High!

Winter is the perfect time to explore the Byron hinterland and the cooler months lend themselves perfectly to our new full day Byron and Beyond Tour! After a visit to the Byron Bay lighthouse to watch the humpback whales glide past Australia’s easternmost tip, our tour heads bush with our first hinterland stop being Crystal Castle. Breathe in the fresh air, while strolling around the stunning Shambhala Gardens, including towering pillars of amethysts, enormous Ganesh and Lakshmi statues and the southern hemisphere’s only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa (an amazing project that was personally blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

From here we take you on a journey through rippling valleys of macadamia, pecan and coffee plantations and mountain-tops covered in lush sub-tropical rainforests. We’ll visit the rural area ofEltham, including a beautiful old farmhouse pantry for a home cooked lunch, as well as Bangalow, an arty and chic village that is much-loved by locals and visitors. From rainforests to farmlands to oceans and more, you’ll be surprised at what’s around the next corner on the Byron and Beyond Tour.


Adventure Temperature

Getting adventurous in Byron Bay during winter is the ultimate way to warm up! Cool crisp mornings leading into clear and glorious sunny days, with average temperatures hovering around 22 degrees. The Nightcap and Border Ranges National Parks conceals hundreds of walking trails for exploration and if you’ve ever contemplated making the odyssey to the peak of Mt Warning, especially if you have kids in tow, then winter is an excellent time to climb. But with shorter days you’ll need good planning and an early start to make sure you don’t end up coming down in the dark. One fantastic way to do this is by camping overnight at the foot of the mountain before you climb. Nothing beats spending a night around a cosy camp fire star gazing, followed by a morning bush walk to soak up the first sun rays to touch Australia. We have a range of Mt Warning Tours to suit everyone including our Mt Warning Sunrise Walk, Mt Warning Day Walk andThe Overnight Escape Tour.

Somewhat different to the feeling of Mt Warning is the ancient landscape around Minyon Falls. Even travelling along the high mountain road into this National Park will spark something in you that it hard to find anywhere else. Looking out from the top of the falls you will see a view spread before you that’s been locked in time including ancient palms, dramatic escarpments and age-old rock pools. Hike, explore and enjoy a hot BBQ lunch with our Big Day Out Hinterland Tour including the cascading Minyon Falls, as well as a visit to the historic town of Bangalow.

The forest trails around Minyon Falls and Rummery Park are also well known as ideal terrain for both beginner and experienced mountain bikers and will get you into the thick of it without feeling the heat. If you’re travelling light then no problems, all equipment including superior quality front-suspension bikes are provided on our Bike ‘n Hike Adventure Tour! Why ignore the outdoors this winter? LIVE IT! You won’t regret it.


Winter Whales

Byron Bay welcomes visitors all year round from every country and walk of life, but none are more special than the humpback whales that stop and play on their yearly migration. Timing your Byron Bay visit to coincide with these immense creatures can lead to some incredible encounters. Soak up the sun and ocean views as we take you to some of the best whale spotting vantage pointson one of our many tours including our Byron and Beyond Tour, Big Day Out Byron Bay Tour or The Overnight Escape Tour.

But for travellers with an affinity for the ocean and who dream of having the chance of an up close encounter with these remarkable creatures – then a sea kayak adventure out on the Bay is a must-do! Our Earth to Surf Adventure Tour or Ocean to Summit Adventure Tour both include kayaking with our tour partner Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay. The township of Byron Bay and its residents adore the whales and you’ll find them celebrated in galleries around towns by artists and photographers so after your whale watching experiences be sure to take a piece of Byron Bay home with you.


Double Up!

If you’re planning your first trip to Byron Bay, or you’re heading back to uncover more of its secrets, then you may find it difficult to decide on what to do and see. Tossing up between climbing Mt Warning or mountain biking? Kayaking and seeing the hinterland? Then our best advice is – don’t. Take two bites of the cherry and get the best insider information by having locals show you around in a way that gets the best out of every minute.

Pick from a number of tours that offer a range of experiences including the Byron and Beyond Tour, The Overnight Escape Tour, Earth to Surf Adventure Tour, Bike ‘n Hike Adventure Tour andOcean to Summit Adventure Tour. We’ve put the best of our knowledge together to show visitors what makes this part of the world unlike any other. Because here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours we have a real romance with the wildlife, scenery and landscape of this area, especially in winter.

We look forward to sharing it with you soon.



Byron Bay Healthy Holiday – From Head to Toe

2. Body Movin’

The easiest way to work out is when you don’t realise you’re doing it. You can improve your fitness and decrease stress levels without ever setting a foot inside the hotel gym. Try adding some of these enjoyable, but highly effective Byron Bay activities to your break away.

  • Kayaking. A perfect low impact workout to increase fitness and improve strength and flexibility. You think you’re enjoying ocean spray, sunshine and getting close to dolphins and turtles but actually you’ll be working your arms, shoulders, chest, torso and legs. Get paddling with our Earth To Surf Adventure Tour or Ocean to Summit Adventure Tour.
  • Mountain Biking. While your body is busy burning 600-1000 calories per hour you’ll only be noticing the awesome adrenalin hit and marvelling at the beauty of hidden forest tracks. The ultimate “office body” combat for your legs, thighs and butt, so do yourself and your body a favour and book our Bike ‘n Hike Adventure Tour.
  • Hiking. Exploring the lush hinterland rainforest or getting to the top of Mt Warning won’t just connect you with nature, recharge your energy levels and still your mind, it will also deliver a whole body workout and a huge sense of achievement. We have a range of great hiking tours. Click here to view.
  • Walking. You won’t notice you’ve walked 1.5 hours along the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk as you marvel at the migrating humpback whales (between June – early November), dolphins, sea turtles and perhaps some sharks. You’ll also be rewarded with incredible district and ocean views! Our Big Day Out Byron Bay Tour can take you there!


3. Heart to Heart

Slowing down to spend meaningful time with friends, family and your partner doesn’t just make us happy. Studies show that having great connections and getting together with other people reduces the risk of many health problems such as heart disease and even dementia. So gather a group of old friends or make some new ones on a guided adventure tour like our Big Day Out Byron Bay Tour.


4. Food for Thought

Eating fresh healthy food can super charge your body and heal you from the outside in. It can be super tasty too. Use the momentum of being on holidays to focus on what you put into your body and try these simple ways to avoid over indulging.

  • Explore Byron Bay’s fresh local produce from the markets
  • Eat breakfast! Take advantage of having the time to include a healthy start to your day and try to continue this habit once your holiday is over
  • Try staying in self-contained accommodation to allow you to prepare some meals yourself and avoid eating out every night
  • Allow yourself some treats. Extreme deprivation will only lead to binging out in the worst way
  • Get busy. Don’t revolve your days around meals
  • Moderate your drinking. By all means have a drink but moderation is the key


5. Put Your Feet Up

Schedule in some time to do nothing. Both your brain and your body need a chance to unwind and be at peace. Having rest days also helps you gain maximum benefit from your exercise.

Feeling inspired? It’s just so easy to have a fun-filled but rejuvenating Byron Bay holiday that feeds your body, mind and spirit. No extreme measures, no deprivation – just balance and whole lot of adventure. Come and join us for some unforgettable tours, which just happen to be healthy for you too!

Marine Life of Byron Bay: Up close and Personal

Looking for things to do in Byron Bay? A sea kayak is a great way to explore the Cape Byron Marine Reserve, which is a unique haven for local wildlife and marine creatures who thrive in our clean temperate waters. The area is home to over 500 species of fish, corals, sharks, rays and many marine birds. Many are permanent residents and can be found here year round, however between June and November each year the waters along the coast and in the Bay itself, play host to some of the ocean’s largest nomads the magnificent Humpback Whale.

For locals and visitors to Byron Bay the opportunity to have close encounters with most of these amazing creatures is simply a matter of having an adventurous spirit, a little curiosity and the right guide. Most people are surprised and delighted to find these creatures are just as curious to find out about us. Here are some of the most popular and the most interesting inhabitants of the Reserve:

Green Turtle
These endangered, mainly solitary ocean travellers graze on seagrass however the juvenile green turtles will eat jellyfish, crabs and sponges. They are marine reptiles and are often seen and encountered when coming up for air.


White Spotted Eagle Ray

Graceful and elegant the White Spotted Eagle Rays glide through the water gently flapping their “wings” which can reach up to 3.5 metres across. Sifting through the sediment on the ocean floor they feed on crustaceans and molluscs.


Sun Coral
Bringing a vibrant splash of colour to the ocean floor is the Sun Coral, which mostly extend their tentacles at night to capture phyto-plankton floating on the current. They will sometimes emerge during the day. This gorgeous soft coral is a favourite of aquarium enthusiasts.


Humpback Whale
Once a commercial whaling port, Byron Bay now provides a refuge along the migration path of the Humpback Whale, from Antarctica to its breeding grounds further north and on the return trip. Luckily for us this allows close contact for those who get out on the water. Hauntingly beautiful, the song of these gentle giants is both loved and revered.


Bottlenose Dolphin
Eternally popular, inquisitive, friendly and highly intelligent the Bottlenose Dolphin is probably the most commonly encountered ocean resident of the Bay. Dolphins have 100 teeth but after catching their fishy prey swallow them whole. The clicks, squeals and whistles can be heard under the water and above.


It’s impossible to truly convey the wonder of the Cape Byron Marine Reserve and its diverse and unique inhabitants. Our ‘Earth to Surf’ full day Byron Bay tour or our overnight ‘Ocean to Summit Adventure’ Byron Bay tour, which both include a Byron hinterland tour plus a spectacular sea kayaking tour in Byron Bay, is a great way to get up close and personal with the local marine life!

Call us today or click here to book online. 

Whale Watching Season Starts in June!

Mystical, natural and spiritual. Whale watching can be all of these. How appropriate then, that Byron Bay also gets credited with these properties and is such an awesome place to view the majesty of our ocean going friends.

From June, Byron Bay becomes the capital of Humpback whale spotting. Being the most easterly point in Australia, the whales tend to come very close to shore. Our Byron Bay Big Day Out tour takes you to some of the best vantage points for fantastic viewing, including the Byron Bay Lighthouse, where you are also rewarded with incredible district and ocean views. Grab a coffee from the convenient cafe adjacent to the lighthouse and settle in to watch for “breaching” and “spouting”. Don’t forget a camera and take your long lens if you have one. Of course you’ll also be likely to spot dolphins, sea turtles and perhaps sharks most days, as an added reward for your efforts.

Lismore Lantern Parade

Nearby, the hinterland also provides many highlights to tempt you during the colder months. Join 25,000 close friends celebrating art & crafts, regional cuisine, a spectacular lantern parade, street theatre, music, carnival dancers, illuminated puppets, fire art and pyrotechnics and much, much more at the Lismore Lantern Parade. The parade comes a light on the 22nd June 2013. This year’s theme is ‘imagine’ and will held on the longest night of the year, being the winter solstice. There will also be market stalls throughout the day and a fiery finale performance at Oakes Oval illuminating the night sky! The kids love it!

While you’re here, book our Big Day Out Byron Hinterland tour and explore the beautiful surrounding Byron hinterland. Our tour includes a 2 hour bushwalk through ancient rainforests in the World Heritage listed Nightcap National Park, a visit to the stunning Minyon Falls with breath taking views, delicious BBQ style lunch and a visit to the famous little town Nimbin, host of the 1973 Aquarius Festival. Click here to view our current specials.

Byron Bay Writers Festival & Splendour in the Grass Music Festival

The Byron Bay Writers Festival also springs off the pages and into the Bay this winter from the 2nd to the 4th of August. The big news this year is literary legend Peter Carey will be featured. Other draw-cards include Robert Drewe, Andrea Goldsmith, MJ Hyland, Cate Kennedy, DBC Pierre and Michael Robotham. Events during the festival include lectures, lunches, panels, launches, readings and workshops. Splendour in the Grass also returns in 2013 (26th – 28th July) and barely needs an introduction. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, then you’ll be making history and be amongst the first to enjoy the festival from Splendour’s own purpose built site at North Byron Parklands.

If you’re visiting Byron Bay for either festival, why not stay a few days and enjoy all the region has to offer. We offer regular day tours of Byron Bay and the Byron Hinterland. Click here to  book.

Local Markets

Looking for some retail therapy, hop along to one of the many local markets. Or better still, join us on our Weekend Escape Tour, where we visit a local community market each Sunday (markets are on a rotation basis).

The Weekend Escape Tour also includes a 2 hour bushwalk through ancient rainforests in the World Heritage listed Nightcap National Park, a visit to the stunning Minyon Falls with breath taking views, a visit to the famous little town Nimbin – host of the 1973 Aquarius Festival, camping under the stars, a Sunday market, Byron Bay Lighthouse walk and much more. Click here for all the details.

Community Markets:

·         1st Saturday, Brunswick Heads, Memorial Park

·         1st Sunday, Byron Bay Community Market, Butler Street Reserve

·         1st and 3rd Sundays, Lismore Car Boot, Lismore Shopping Square (undercover)

·         2nd Sunday, The Channon, Coronation Park

·         2nd and 5th Sundays, Lennox Head, Lake Ainsworth foreshore

·         3rd Saturday, Mullumbimby, Cnr Stuart and Myocum Streets

·         3rd and 5th Sundays, Nimbin Community Market, Nimbin Community Centre

·         3rd Sunday, Ballina Market, Circus Ground, Canal Road

·         4th Sunday, Bangalow Market, Bangalow Showground


Farmers Markets: 

·         Every Tuesday, New Brighton Farmers Market, New Brighton Oval

·         Every Thursday, Byron Bay Farmers Market, Butler Street Reserve

·         Every Saturday, Bangalow Farmers Market, Bangalow Hotel Carpark

·         Every Saturday, Lismore Farmers Market, Lismore Showground