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How to Plan Your Perfect Christmas Party Adventure

Christmas. It’s really coming and those all-important end-of-year wrap ups are looming! We know what the gift of adventuring gives, so it’s time to snap out of that traditional party format, take them OUT- adventuring, touring, tasting and experiencing.

It’s time to inspire your team – create a memorable, bonding experience that will keep them talking, laughing and challenging themselves. At Byron Bay Adventure Tours we specialise in taking ordinary people and getting them to see and do extraordinary things. With the help of our local partners we not only showcase the incredible natural beauty of our region but also take people on a journey, helping to bring out the best in your team, which can unveil some amazing results.


Know Your Group

What’s your demographic? What ages to they vary? More sightseeing than adventure seeking? Our Big Day Out Tour explores the Nightcap National Park, including a rainforest walk to the base of spectacular Minyon Falls and visit to the charming village of Bangalow. More thrill seekers in your group? Try Earth to Surf Adventure Tour incorporating a Go Sea Kayak around the cape, sighting dolphins and the spectacular coastline before heading off to explore the beauty of Minyon Falls.

Unique Challenges

Why not incorporate some interesting and fun ways to challenge your team? Working in teams to get to the top with our Mt Warning Sunrise Tour? Which team will be the first to catch the last wave home on our kayak adventure – the Ocean to Summit Tour. Combine team building activities with a walk to the base of majestic Minyon Falls on our Waves to Waterfalls Adventure. The options are endless and the opportunities are a plenty! We can create something completely unique to your group.

The Benefits?

Find out what really motivates your crew. Healthy competition can be a great motivator! What will they learn that they can take home with them? Are there born leaders in the group? Team players? Ones that need to work on their communication skills? Make tangible rewards to give real incentives to inspire your group or just to say thanks! Maybe learn to surf, a kayak adventure, chasing waterfalls, or even a night under the Mt Warning stars. 


Byron Bay is the quintessential destination for a truly unforgettable team building Christmas experience. The magical region is bathed in natural beauty, sunshine for the soul, panoramic hinterland vistas, hikes and impressive waterfalls. We have all the elements for one truly amazing adventure! Invest in your people and the returns will be GREAT.

Let’s get the Adventure Started!

Yep. Talk to us! We really are the experts in adventure, team building and creating unique personalised group experiences. Make it fun, make action packed, make it memorable and engaging. We’ll set the backdrop, bring the gear, pack the tent, light the fire, and serve the delicious local food. Break the Christmas mould, try something new, exciting and let Byron Bay Adventure Tours do the rest!

Weekend Adventure in Byron Bay

It’s “The weekend” Heya!!! – two days more precious than gold, the shining light at the end of the work week. But does your two day holiday just seem to disappear without you having done much at all? For those of you who yearn for an action-filled weekend, we’re about to give you 3 incredible ways to break free and get two big days of adventure, adrenalin and fun! You’re going to get the best of the beach AND the Byron hinterland including overnight accommodation, meals and a once in a lifetime experience for less than an average Saturday night out.

Waterfall Dreaming & The Village of Rainbows – The Overnight Escape Adventure Tour

Top weekend for: Mixing rainforests, 4WDing and rock pool swims with some café cool and market delights. Feel free to bring a guitar for the camp fire and be ready to laugh, chat and eat. This weekend escape is chilled out with loads of local culture and village life, finished off with the best of Byron’s beaches and hinterland. You’ll go home having seen loads, but feeling relaxed and refreshed. Check out the detailed itinerary here.

Rock & Roll Action – Bike n’ Hike Adventure Tour

Top weekend for: Unleashing your inner action hero, because this isn’t an average weekend – it’s a nature and adrenalin lovers double-shot. Get the freedom of the forest and the natural highs of rugged mountain biking fun at Minyon Falls followed by a Mount Warning sunrise climb. Break up all the action with hearty BBQ’s and fresh water rock pool swims. Your starry evening is spent listening to the forest sounds and relaxing before your pre-dawn hike up Mount Warning to bask in the first sunrays to hit Australia. These 2 days will work your body, refresh your mind and completely wash away your every day stress. Check it out further here.

Deep Blue Meets Lush Green – Ocean to Summit Adventure Tour

Top weekend for: Replacing the sounds of traffic and hustling crowds with lapping water and the rainforest. This tour begins with an ocean kayak on arguably the most beautiful bay in the world, Byron Bay. Be totally swept away by your encounters with dolphins, turtles and migrating whales (during the winter months), before heading to the base of Mount Warning where we set-up camp for the night. Unwind and relax around the campfire while you enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner and toast marshmallows. The next morning, take to the walking track for a two hour (4.5km) climb up Mount Warning reaching the summit as the sun starts to rise over the easternmost point of Australia. Two worlds, two days, one amazing weekend. Want more information? See here.

Don’t let another weekend go past in a blur. The memories and friends you’ll collect on a weekend Byron Bay Adventure Tour will remain with your for a long time to come. Getting here is pretty easy too, with affordable flights available to Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport from Sydney and Melbourne and buses from the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Of course a long weekend will buy you enough time to road trip it in, which will only add to the adventure! Our expert crew will take care of all the gear, overnight accommodation and transport during your tour, so you only need pack light. But don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure, spirit and willingness to have fun!

Wild Side – A Guide to Creatures You May Encounter on a Byron Bay Adventure Tour

A spontaneous brush with any wild creature is a special event. While zoos will often allow you to get up close to the animals, there is something indescribable and uplifting when you come across a creature in its real habitat. At Byron Bay Adventure Tours we believe a traveller cannot say they have truly experienced a place until they have gotten in touch with its natural wonders. From cheeky and daring to shy and elusive, the creatures we encounter on our tours are all unique, marvellous and form a vital part of experiencing Byron Bay. From forest dwellers and ocean travellers, feathers, fur and fin, let’s take a look at some of the wildlife you might meet on a Byron Bay Adventure Tour!

Australian Brush Turkey

You’ll need no introduction; there’ll be no waiting in bushes in silence to meet one of these guys. The Australian Brush Turkeys (or Bush Turkeys as they are also known) will make themselves very familiar with you from the get go. From strutting around down near the beaches looking for a stolen snack to scratching through the leaf litter in the rainforest, they are quite common in Byron Bay. But here are some things you probably won’t know. Building a huge mound of leaves and mulch, the father turkey makes a giant nest which acts as an incubator to hatch the chicks. He will carefully monitor the temperature adding or removing leaves to keep it just right until the nestling emerge. Once they hatch, the young are entirely independent and fend for themselves. Seeing them on all of our tours is pretty much a given.

An Aussie Favourite

Everybody loves a Koala – but finding one in the wild is not always an easy task. Although they sleep for between 18 and 22 hours a day, they seem to be quite adept at disappearing. They can be very elusive one day and simply be there in plain view the next. This is what makes a koala encounter so magical and fascinating. Our Mt Warning Day Walk Tour and our Overnight Escape Tour are good choices if seeing a koala is high on your list of things to do.

Lounging Lizards

Powerful, fast and extremely suited to their habitat, the Lace Monitor (more commonly known as the goanna) will pop up on many of our hinterland tours. With sharp claws, it is an expert tree climber and runner – so look above and below because you can never be sure where they will pop up. They serve a much needed purpose in the forest ecosystem, acting as clean up duty and scavenging for what they can find in trees or on the forest floor. Try our Overnight Escape Tour and you’ll get many chances to get up close to one of these ancient reptiles.

Friends with Fins

The Cape Byron Marine Reserve is a haven for sea creatures of every description, but none so keen to interact with you than the dolphin. A number of dolphin species visit the bay and they are known for their love of catching waves just as much as the surfers. Intelligent, inquisitive and full of personality – get out on the water with us and we can introduce you to them. Our Earth to Surf Tour and Ocean to Summit Tours both give you the chance to feel the fresh salt air on your face and the buzz of getting close to these delightful characters.

Hiding in Plain Sight

A master of disguise, the Tawny Frogmouth flies on silent wings and can disappear before your eyes. With plumage made to beguile onlookers into believing it’s a broken tree branch, they are often called owls but in fact belong to the nightjar family. Keep your eyes peeled day and night on any of our Byron Hinterland Tours and you might be lucky enough to catch the small movement that will be the only giveaway that they are there. If you come with us on our Overnight Escape Tour or Mt Warning Sunrise Walk Tour you might also spot one around the campsite or hear its strange unmistakable low ooh-ooh-ooh in the night.

With Byron Bay and the surrounding hinterland teeming with a mix of environments, our area and its wildlife is like nowhere else on the planet. We’ve only touched on some of the most commonly encountered animal friends on our Byron Bay Adventure Tours, but for expert bird watchers to fascinated children, the chance of meeting up with many more is guaranteed!




Byron Bay Winter Wanderlust

As the summer crowds thin and the temperatures begin to ease, Byron Bay reveals a whole new side! Winter is the perfect time to enjoy clear starry nights by the camp fire (not to mention mugs of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows!), the magic of the humpback whale migration, forest mountain biking, daytime rainforest hikes and leisurely strolls through the streets of the regions many pretty hinterland towns. If you’ve never considered Byron Bay in the wintertime, then read on to find out why we love this time of year!

On a Byron Hinterland High!

Winter is the perfect time to explore the Byron hinterland and the cooler months lend themselves perfectly to our new full day Byron and Beyond Tour! After a visit to the Byron Bay lighthouse to watch the humpback whales glide past Australia’s easternmost tip, our tour heads bush with our first hinterland stop being Crystal Castle. Breathe in the fresh air, while strolling around the stunning Shambhala Gardens, including towering pillars of amethysts, enormous Ganesh and Lakshmi statues and the southern hemisphere’s only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa (an amazing project that was personally blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

From here we take you on a journey through rippling valleys of macadamia, pecan and coffee plantations and mountain-tops covered in lush sub-tropical rainforests. We’ll visit the rural area ofEltham, including a beautiful old farmhouse pantry for a home cooked lunch, as well as Bangalow, an arty and chic village that is much-loved by locals and visitors. From rainforests to farmlands to oceans and more, you’ll be surprised at what’s around the next corner on the Byron and Beyond Tour.


Adventure Temperature

Getting adventurous in Byron Bay during winter is the ultimate way to warm up! Cool crisp mornings leading into clear and glorious sunny days, with average temperatures hovering around 22 degrees. The Nightcap and Border Ranges National Parks conceals hundreds of walking trails for exploration and if you’ve ever contemplated making the odyssey to the peak of Mt Warning, especially if you have kids in tow, then winter is an excellent time to climb. But with shorter days you’ll need good planning and an early start to make sure you don’t end up coming down in the dark. One fantastic way to do this is by camping overnight at the foot of the mountain before you climb. Nothing beats spending a night around a cosy camp fire star gazing, followed by a morning bush walk to soak up the first sun rays to touch Australia. We have a range of Mt Warning Tours to suit everyone including our Mt Warning Sunrise Walk, Mt Warning Day Walk andThe Overnight Escape Tour.

Somewhat different to the feeling of Mt Warning is the ancient landscape around Minyon Falls. Even travelling along the high mountain road into this National Park will spark something in you that it hard to find anywhere else. Looking out from the top of the falls you will see a view spread before you that’s been locked in time including ancient palms, dramatic escarpments and age-old rock pools. Hike, explore and enjoy a hot BBQ lunch with our Big Day Out Hinterland Tour including the cascading Minyon Falls, as well as a visit to the historic town of Bangalow.

The forest trails around Minyon Falls and Rummery Park are also well known as ideal terrain for both beginner and experienced mountain bikers and will get you into the thick of it without feeling the heat. If you’re travelling light then no problems, all equipment including superior quality front-suspension bikes are provided on our Bike ‘n Hike Adventure Tour! Why ignore the outdoors this winter? LIVE IT! You won’t regret it.


Winter Whales

Byron Bay welcomes visitors all year round from every country and walk of life, but none are more special than the humpback whales that stop and play on their yearly migration. Timing your Byron Bay visit to coincide with these immense creatures can lead to some incredible encounters. Soak up the sun and ocean views as we take you to some of the best whale spotting vantage pointson one of our many tours including our Byron and Beyond Tour, Big Day Out Byron Bay Tour or The Overnight Escape Tour.

But for travellers with an affinity for the ocean and who dream of having the chance of an up close encounter with these remarkable creatures – then a sea kayak adventure out on the Bay is a must-do! Our Earth to Surf Adventure Tour or Ocean to Summit Adventure Tour both include kayaking with our tour partner Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay. The township of Byron Bay and its residents adore the whales and you’ll find them celebrated in galleries around towns by artists and photographers so after your whale watching experiences be sure to take a piece of Byron Bay home with you.


Double Up!

If you’re planning your first trip to Byron Bay, or you’re heading back to uncover more of its secrets, then you may find it difficult to decide on what to do and see. Tossing up between climbing Mt Warning or mountain biking? Kayaking and seeing the hinterland? Then our best advice is – don’t. Take two bites of the cherry and get the best insider information by having locals show you around in a way that gets the best out of every minute.

Pick from a number of tours that offer a range of experiences including the Byron and Beyond Tour, The Overnight Escape Tour, Earth to Surf Adventure Tour, Bike ‘n Hike Adventure Tour andOcean to Summit Adventure Tour. We’ve put the best of our knowledge together to show visitors what makes this part of the world unlike any other. Because here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours we have a real romance with the wildlife, scenery and landscape of this area, especially in winter.

We look forward to sharing it with you soon.



NEW Bike n’ Hike Adventure Tour

It’s exhilarating, it’s heart pounding, it’s inspirational and you’ll feel on top of the world after you’ve completed the latest must-do activity in Byron Bay – the brand new Bike n’ Hike Adventure Tour.

For anyone who loves the outdoors, the thrill and excitement of mountain biking and the overwhelming satisfaction of hiking up a mountain at dawn – then this tour is for you. Two of Byron’s most trusted adventure tour companies, Byron Bay Adventure Tours and Mountain Bike Tours Byron Bay, have joined forces to combine their skills and local knowledge to create this unique overnight adventure.

The Bike n’ Hike Adventure Tour kicks off with a 3 hour mountain bike ride through the secluded fire trails of The Nightcap Nation Park and Minyon Falls in the Byron Hinterland. Cycle through this ancient rainforest landscape experiencing single track trails, exhilarating downhills, log jumps and more. The ride finishes with a well-earned swim in the crystal clear waters of the falls and a delicious picnic lunch before heading off to your overnight camp site at the base ofMount Warning.

On arriving at base camp, you’ll really appreciate the chance to relax and take in the wildness surroundings, go for a swim or chat about the days adventures around the camp fire. After an evening of good food, then it’s off to bed in preparation for the early predawn climb to the summit of ‘Wollumbin the Cloud Catcher’, better known as Mount Warning. The quiet hush over the forest just before dawn will be your companion as you climb to the top of Mount Warning in time for the sunrise. And what an experience! But don’t take our word for it, here is just a sample of the enthusiastic responses we’ve received from customers:

“What can I say? One of the best tours yet. Our guide was super friendly and our summit walk to see the first sun light on the east coast was well worth the long track up Mount Warning. Highly recommended.”

“Climbing Mount Warning was such an experience. Armed with our flash lights we made our way to the top and what a gift to behold.” 

Once you’ve descended Mount Warning, our guides will return you to Byron Bay on a high that will stay with you long after you leave!

This is one of the best value, all-encompassing Byron Bay Hinterland tours available and is great for visitors and locals alike. With no need to pack up the car or unload masses of camping, hiking and biking gear, this tour offers all the adventure without any of the hassle.

All that’s left to do is have fun and enjoy the ride. Are you up for the challenge?