5 Compelling Reasons to make Byron Bay your Next Adventure Holiday Destination

Byron Bay Adventure Holiday

There are a few travel spots around the globe that always pop up on the Adventure addicts hit list, Africa’s safari’s, Europe’s mountains or New Zealand’s thrills. But we’re about to give you 5 BIG reasons why Byron Bay Australia is the rising star of fun-filled, daring, nature-inspired action. Carve out some getaway time and pop an ‘Adventure Holiday to Byron Bay’ on your bucket list because anyone who’s been here will tell you – Byron Bay will etch herself into your memory and work her way into your heart forever. And here’s why:

1. The Adrena-link

Any adventure holiday worth its salt has to include some thrill-seeking, hair-raising, dare-devil action or it’s just a regular ol’ holiday right? Byron Bay throws her arms open wide to give you endless ways to get your thrill on, and thanks to the breathtaking beauty of the entire region, you’ll get taken to the edge in veritable paradise. With Gyrocopters, sea kayaking, mountain biking and mountain climbing on offer, there is an adrenalin pumped activity for even the most seasoned thrill seeker. Sound amazing? Click here to make it happen!

2. We like to…move it

If you’ve caught the adventure bug and can’t sit still (there’s plenty of time for that when you hang up your travelling shoes), then there is always something to do in Byron Bay. Feel like getting activated? Here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours we love to help visitors stay active, be it learning to surf, kayaking with dolphins, climbing to the top of Mt Warning or mountain bike riding in the Byron hinterland. Get ready to get up and get moving – check out the choices here.

3. Byron is a place to escape – from yourself

Adventure travel is not only about activities, it’s also about going outside your comfort zone and exploring yourself, what makes you tick and who you are – just as much as the world around you. Travellers’ tales often reflect that it took travelling to the other side of the world to find “themselves”. Our philosophy is to take each of our guests on a personal journey to soothe away the stresses of daily life, allowing them the opportunity to reconnect with their authentic selves. As part of our mind, body and soul mantra, our one day Byron & Beyond Tour includes a visit to The Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens, which is home to one of only 7 Buddhist Peace Stupas placed around the globe. To find out more, click here.

4. Get to go au naturale baby

From sacred monoliths to ancient rainforests to some of the world’s best beaches, Byron Bay and its hinterland boast incredible natural wonders. An adventure holiday to Byron Bay can send you back eons through our planets natural history. Experience the view from 1156m above sea level as you stand on the core of a prehistoric shied volcano now called Mt Warning and witness the first rays of sun to touch the Eastern coastline of Australia from its summit with our sunrise climb. See and swim at the foot of waterfalls carved into the plateau by the sheer forces of nature before making camp under the stars and getting back to earth amongst friends around a camp fire on our overnight adventure tour. How about getting within arm’s reach of dolphins and sea turtles or hearing the giant splash of a humpback whale? Byron Bay is a nature lover’s haven and the adventure options for getting amongst it are plentiful. Click here to plan your next eco adventure escape.

5. For the glory

You know that feeling when you return from a great adventure and casually slip it into a conversation around the water cooler or at a dinner party, to hear the sounds of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’? Well, the mere mention of Byron Bay will inevitably spark a great tale or two and when you get questions like “Did you visit Bangalow?”, “Did you see any dolphins?”, “Did you learn to surf”, “Did you go swimming at Minyon Falls?” or “I’ve always wanted to go there did you have an amazing time?” you can answer with a resounding YES! If you’re blessed with an outgoing spirit of adventure, click here to book your next travel adventure tour!

Get yourself to Byron Bay and start living – you won’t regret it for a second. Including a guided tour or adventure activity is also surprisingly affordable and we have options to suit everyone. And wherever you travel, always be sure to pick a guide who is eco certified (like us here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours) to make sure you are an ethical and planet-friendly visitor, keeping these pristine wildlife havens intact for every generation.

Happy travelling everyone…hope to see you soon!