5 Tips For Staying Fit on Holidays – Byron Bay Guide


We all know including exercise, fresh air and sunshine into our regular daily routines is one of the most important elements of staying fit, healthy and ready for all the hurdles life throws at us. So when we break out of regular routine and go travelling, away from our 24 hour gyms and personal trainers, does this mean we can’t keep up our healthy habits? Absolutely not – especially if you’re coming to Byron Bay, a place where we embrace healthy living. We’re going to show you 5 easy tips that you can include in your getaway that will leave you feeling fantastic, give you new vitality and the knowledge that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This is the real deal and we’ve headed out into nature to work our bodies, and inspire our hearts…

1. On Top of the World: You vs. MT Warning

Standing tall and proud above you, with its feet in the Wollumbin World Heritage Area and its head often in the clouds, Mt Warning is a fitness challenge and an amazing naturescape all in one! With 1000 stairs spread over 8.8kms up and back, you’ll be working your legs, lungs and as the track steepens in the final stage of the climb, you’ll be in the midst of a total body workout. But the best thing about this 4-5 hour full body training session is that when you reach the top, the view is so magnificent, the feeling of achievement so great that the hard work melts away and all you’re left with is sound of the wind and your heart beat. Every climb is unique, so from summer to winter or from to dawn to dusk, your brushes with wildlife, the view and the whole experience will change. That’s why we offer a range of Mt Warning adventures from day trips to overnight camping and sunrise climbs, giving you total control over your climb and everything you’ll need to make it to the top. Sound great? Check out the options here.


2. Pump It Up: Pedal Powered High

Hitting the Byron hinterland rainforest on a mountain bike, expect lots of mud splattering, laughter and plenty of clean forest air. You could not find a better way to get into the wilderness, see waterfalls and cold mountain streams and get your pulse rate high, than this. You’ll feel the rush of downhill speed, get up a sweat and be cooled by the rainforest which is home to some unique creatures that sometimes like to say hello. High adrenalin and high calorie burning adventure at its best! Click here for more info. 


3. Paddle Pop: Sea Kayaking

If we told you there was a way to get a low impact workout that increases your flexibility and works your whole body, especially your arms, torso and abs all while sitting down would you believe us? Join us out on the water for a sea kayaking adventure that, aside from the workout, could lead to some salt water encounters with turtles, dolphins and even whales. Earth to Surf is not a meat laden plate with a side of seafood, it’s a healthy and refreshing way to get a glimpse of Australia’s most easterly point from the sea. Gain a whole new appreciation of the beauty of the Byron Bay coastline and its marine creatures and let the salt air and spray wash away your stress.


4. A “Light” Workout: Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk

If you’re staying in Byron Bay you can’t help but notice that morning and evening there are so many locals and visitors walking and running in workout gear up and down the Lighthouse Walk and there’s a very good reason. This track offers a great combination of hill climb resistance, stairs and stopping points for stretches all with a magical view 365 days of the year. During whale season you’ll have the best vantage point to get a glimpse of these majestic ocean giants. Our Byron Bay: Big Day Out Adventure Tour will take you there followed by a “post workout” treat – a BBQ lunch.


5. Double Trouble: Ultimate Work Out Combos

There are those of us (the Byron Bay Adventure crew included) that feel a single activity is just not enough to give us the rush and the workout we are looking for. Including different types of exercise does in fact make your health regime more successful overall and so, to cater for these types, we have created some great combination tours that pair up our adventure activities and also add the amazing experience of camping out under the stars with some new found friends. Our Overnight Escape, Ocean to Summit and Bike n Hike Tours can give you this “ultimate workout” over 2 days and mixes it all up with some enjoyable down time to rest your working bodies. You are on holidays after all.


Being fit and healthy takes commitment, but as we have shown you it can also be a huge amount of fun. Byron Bay Adventure Tours are passionate about helping people enjoy healthy outdoor adventure, but we are always committed to taking the time and care to do it safely and without putting you, ourselves or the pristine environments we visit in any danger. When we drop you home after a Byron Bay Adventure Tour we want you feeling on top of the world.