Best of Byron: What Our Customers Have To Say about Adventure Travel in Byron Bay

Best of Byron

We all know that all good businesses talk up their product, services and offerings and we do too, because, just quietly, between the two of us, WE ARE THE BEST DAMN ADVENTURE TOUR COMPANY IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE AND PERHAPS THE MULTIVERSE AS WELL! So, in the spirit of doing things in a more quiet, objective way, we’ve opened the floor to our customers, compiling a TOP FIVE reasons to go adventuring with US (as stated on our TripAdvisor Reviews page – which we’ll tell you calmly – gives Byron Bay Adventure Tours a PERFECT 5/5 RATING! YES THAT’S 100% SATISFACTION! Really, we can’t keep it anymore real than that, right?)

Australia’s Favourite Adventure Travel Destination

We are privileged to be conducting our tours in one of the most amazing locations in Australia – Byron Bay. We could have setup our business in many awesome locations, but we chose here. Oh, you’d like some other people’s opinions? Sure thing…

“I’ve climbed the rock and climbed the bridge, climbed Kosciuszko and climbed Cradle Mountain. I rate the Mount Warning summit climb the best.”– Jason V, Gold Coast

“We thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular rainforest scenery and the effort to get to the bottom of Minton Falls was so rewarding. We would recommend this tour to anyone.” – Felicity M, Sth Pacific

“Wonderful Experience. We did the Mt. Warning sunrise climb. It was amazing, climbing in the dark with torches to finally reach the top for a breath-taking sunrise. It was an incredible adrenaline rush.” – emzel92, Sydney

“The sights and sounds of the forest at 3.30 in the morning is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.” – Charlotte T, Sydney

“This tour was incredible and without a doubt one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! 5 stars!” – Sonia F, Melbourne

Our Team. Our Expertise. Our Experience

Any tour is only as good as it’s tour guide right? Goes without saying, but I can’t say it, so listen carefully to these charming, knowledgeable and discerning folks:

“What a fabulous day. You couldn’t get a better tour guide than Tom who is knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful.” – Felicity M, Sth Pacific

“Thanks Tom for providing such a great service. Camping out is very easy when everything is provided for!!” – Florence 2904

“This was the first time I’ve been to Byron and my girlfriend booked this tour for us both. Well it was brilliant. We were taken around by our very knowledgeable tour guide Tom. It was wonderful experiencing what the Hinterland offers and getting back to nature. Tom had great BBQ skills too!! You don’t go hungry.” – Elena S

“This is a must do activity when in Byron Bay! Tom was a brilliant tour guide. Very knowledgeable, full of great stories and provided a great service from the moment he picked me up from my hostel to dropping me off the day after.” – Charlotte T, Sydney

“The whole experience from start to end was amazing. Tom was an excellent host. Very knowledgeable and amiable. The sights, the sounds and the experience – just awesome. Would recommend to anyone. :-)” – RenClo

“Awesome. Mt Warning sunrise climb was an awesome experience. Tom was extremely helpful and provided for all our needs.” – Alexander K, Russia

We’re Hassle-Free

What’s a tour doing, if it leaves you concerned or worrying about the details? Not being a tour, that’s what! Listen to these positively, carefree opinions by our customers…

Mt Warning sunrise walk was the best thing I did in Byron. Watching the sunrise was magical!! Thanks Tom for providing such a great service. Camping out is very easy when everything is provided for!!” – Florence2904

“Everything was very well organised, interesting with lots of detail. Was the highlight of our Byron Bay trip.” – Fazzy22

“Byron Bay Adventure Tours provided us with LED headlights and snacks for the climb (they really think of everything).” – Sonia F, Melbourne

Mount Warning summit climb is the best kept secret in Australia. Thanks to Tom at Byron Bay Adventure Tours for providing a fantastic experience from start to finish” – Jason V

Us (and Mother Nature) are Here to Please

It’s not just the destination, it’s the journey! Sounds like a chapter from a self-help guide right? That maybe so, but it’s a little thing we take very seriously at Byron Bay Adventure Tours. But don’t take our word for it:

“We did the rainforest walk, swam underneath the waterfall, treated a lovely picnic styled lunch and were lucky enough to be taken to the markets.” – Fazzy22

“The drive through the hinterlands were exceptional. A great way to spend the day out.” – JAAMD

Mount Warning Sunrise Tour. Wow! Amazing tour. This is a tour that everyone who is able to do should do. You seldom get a view such as this.” – Goose1969

“The sights, the sounds and the experience – just awesome. Would recommend to anyone.” – RenClo

“I have and will never see a sunrise like the one I was privileged to watch from the top of Mt Warning. This tour was incredible and without a doubt one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! 5 stars!” – Sonia F

One Size Does not Fit ALL

Number five goes under the radar a little, but when we get feedback on it, it makes us want to jump for joy. You see, we believe that everyone regardless of age or fitness deserves an adventure, so we aim to please and accommodate different needs for different people. Take it away happy, awesome customers…

“When I come back with my mum I am endeavouring to do another tour that my mum and I can do together.” – Elena S

“We (my parents, brother & I) did the hinterland tour & loved it!! … Guides are very knowledgeable, but also pretty laid back which suited us perfectly.” – AoifeWard

“For anyone who has ever thought about climbing Mount Warning I would strongly recommend Byron Bay Adventure Tours. Everything you could need or want is provided.” – Jason V

So there you have it, we didn’t have to brag or talk up anything, did we? And, there is so much more we could add, but, that would just be gratuitous. Like to read more? Click here to see all our TripAdvisor Reviews.

Follow your bliss!