Booking a Tour vs. Going it Alone: Why it Pays to Book a Tour

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If you’ve decided to read this article then you’re probably in one of two mindsets – firstly you’re considering the option of booking a tour on your next Byron Bay getaway or you’ve already booked yourself into what sounds like an amazing tour but you’re still a little unsure. Either way, we understand and we’re here to help.

We know that tours can be thought of as “not for real travellers”, for people who enjoy buses or worse still only for twenty-something party goers (think Euro party tours…eeeek). The reality is that a GREAT guided tour (and we place a lot of emphasis on the word GREAT because quality really does make a difference) will add so much to experiencing your chosen destination and often leave you with a deeper appreciation of a place than if you had explored it on your own.

Don’t get us wrong, finding things for yourself is a fun and an exciting part of travel, but a guide who has all the inside information can save you hours of research time, hidden expenses and the hassle of packing mountains of camping gear and equipment. It’s also the snippets of local-only knowledge that will have you looking at your destination through a whole new set of eyes.

Here are our top 5 reasons why it pays to book a tour (especially with Byron Bay Adventure Tours!) instead of flying solo:


Getting a little help to get the most out of your precious holiday in Byron Bay is the same as using your dishwasher at home. You could do it all yourself but WHY?? An expert, experienced guide will have done their job thousands of times over and know what combination of activities and landmarks work well together. They know the quickest roads and short cuts to get you there, and often have special access levels to cut through queues and other time wasting obstacles. Here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours we have spent many years perfecting our tours creating combinations of activities to suit all tastes and abilities. We want you to get most out of every minute and leave Byron Bay knowing you’ve haven’t wasted a second.


Tents, mountain bikes, kayaks, life jackets, head lights, safety gear, sleeping bags and food. Whew! Try bringing all that on a plane. Booking a Byron Bay Adventure Tour means you can have the use of top quality gear without having to bring it with you, hire it or carry it. Sound good? – It is. If you’re backpacking, camper vanning or only taking a short break, the burden of loads of equipment or purchasing gear you may only use once is something you just don’t need. So leave that concern for your friendly and helpful tour operator who should gladly (like we do) provide you with everything you’ll need to be paddling, riding or camping out and then say goodbye to it when you’re done. It’s so much easier and leaves space in your pack for the souvenirs and special finds you’ll pick up on your adventures!


You may not want to think about it, but when you’re travelling there are plenty of things that can and do go wrong. It’s an unfortunate fact that every year thousands of travellers get themselves into trouble, get injured or take unnecessary risks by simply misjudging their timing or experience (especially when venturing into nature). When you choose an accredited tour company, like we are, you’re not only getting a great experience but you’re also getting the reassurance and peace of mind that your safety and well-being is at the top of the priority list.


Regardless of whether you’re travelling with a group or on your own, meeting people is part of what makes travel such an alluring pursuit. When you have the freedom of not having to worry about the details, a tour can be a fantastic way to get to know other travellers and also meet the locals. Sharing the sheer adrenalin of mountain biking in the rainforests of Minyon Falls, flying over the most easterly point of Australia in a Gyrocopter or making it to the summit of Mt Warning at dawn, you can’t help but form friendships with those you are with. It’s part of being human and brings people together.

5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

It’s a beautiful thing to get close to nature. Exploring a regions natural wonders with an accredited eco-tourism operator is an ethical way of doing so. As a fully eco-certified tour operator, we know what it means to tread lightly and leave as little impact on our World Heritage Areas, National Parks and Marine Reserves – which are home to some of the rarest plants and creatures on earth. If you believe in protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy, make travel choices that reflect this and go home with a clean and green conscience.

There’s one thing that we will always come back to when talking about adventure tours, and that’s finding the good ones. Experience, friendliness and local knowledge are all essential but you’ll be able to tell the best from the rest by what fellow travellers have had to say. As tour guides we not only love our beautiful Byron Bay home, but also love what we do and we put our hearts and souls into making each and every trip full of incredible and unforgettable moments. Every person who comes with us, from team building day trips to world travellers to families to couples, are given our best EVERY TIME.

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