Byron Bay: Hikers and Paddlers Paradise

Another day in paradise. Byron Bay in the Spring is the ideal playground for adventure seekers. If you love kayaking through the ocean, trekking up rugged peaks, paddling along rivers and climbing waterfall trails, then read on my friend.

Our hiking and paddling tours take in classic Byron Bay experiences, but done right. We also up-the-game with our range of combined tours, that include both hinterland walks and ocean kayaking experiences. Paradise indeed!

Hikers Paradise

Trekking in the Byron hinterland offers so many advantages. Choose between hiking up Mt Warning either at sunrise or during the day, or meander through ancient rainforests to the base of Minyon Falls.

Mt Warning’s hiking trails lead to the highest summit in the Byron hinterland and on warm spring days the misty trail keeps you cool and relaxed. The summit views are incredible and utterly breath-taking, as well as Mt Warning’s wildlife. Sightings of goannas, turkeys, lyrebirds and wallabies are almost guaranteed.

Aside from Mt Warning, Minyon Falls in the Nightcap National Park is one of the hinterland’s most beautiful trails. Walk down to the fresh water rock pool and go swimming under the waterfall or just marvel at the valley, which hugs you from all sides. Then walk back up the looping trail, with the waterfall spraying you as you go. There are also a number of lookouts on the trail so you can take in the dizzying heights of this ancient cascade of water.

Hiking tours include:


Paddlers Paradise

Paddling in Byron Bay is almost a must-do for any visitor. The cliffs of Australia’s most easterly headland beckon and the secluded bay is ideal for a leisurely paddle. Not only will you have a blast sliding through the water, but you’ll also get to see some incredible marine life too. Byron Bay’s marine park is home to dolphins, rays, turtles and during the cooler months, migrating humpback whales. Byron Bay is made for kayaking adventures!

If you haven’t had your paddling fill after a Byron Bay ocean kayak, then next on the list has to be a Brunswick River kayak. There is so much beauty on this tour. From the clear river waters, to the tropical rainforest views and the pretty shore of the small coastal town that is Brunswick Heads.

Paddling tours include:


Double the Fun – Hike & Paddle

Combined tours are possibly the best ways to do both some padding and hiking either in a single day or over two.

Combined hiking and padding tours include: