It’s Easy Being Green – 5 Tips for an Eco-friendly Holiday in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Eco Holiday

So you recycle all your waste, separate bottles, cans and plastic and turn off the lights when you leave the room. When it’s time to shop it’s got to be rainforest alliance coffee, organic produce all the way and you say no to plastic bags. Well done you! You even tick the box and pay the fee to make your holiday flights carbon emission neutral. You’re actively doing your part to help our planet survive into the next millennia. You care and that’s awesome. So now its holiday time and you’re heading to the bohemian alternative mecca of Byron Bay. As Byron’s leading eco certified tour operator, it’s our passion and our responsibility to help you carry on this sentiment and keep that eco passion alive. Because every little action, every thought, every care does make a difference.

1. Get a Reusable Water Bottle (or Coffee Cup)

Thankfully here in Byron Bay and Australia in general, we are lucky to have safe drinking water on tap all year round, unlike many world travel destinations where buying bottled water is necessary for your health. Save the planet and your pocket by getting hold of a safe reusable drink bottle. This is a huge but simple step to reduce the millions of plastic bottles thrown away every year, many of which end up in our waterways and the ocean. Did you also know that a number of cafes and restaurants in Byron Bay also sell re-useable coffee cups and the Byron Beach Cafe, The Balcony and Harvest Cafe filter and bottle their own carbonated water with 10% of all proceeds donated to the WHOLE WORLD Water fund to help raise money for clean drinking water projects around the world.

2. Food for Thought

Sampling the abundance of locally grown delights is not only a pleasure for your taste buds, but also a big winner on the eco front. Experience the Byron Bay Farmers’ Markets, garden-fresh produce from a road side stall or make an effort to eat at cafes and restaurants that support the regions local growers and food producers. A great website to visit is Northern Rivers Food, with serves to promote businesses that grow and serve food from the Northern Rivers region. It doesn’t get fresher, healthier or more delicious than choosing to eat local products and you’ve just helped reduce packaging, saved on fossil fuels to transport it and supported the local economy. P.S take a reusable shopping bag with you to the Farmers’ Market and our planet will thank you even more.

3. Take Pictures, Leave Footprints

No doubt you’ve heard this one before, but it’s for a very good reason. Whether you’re in Byron Bay or the Amazon, picking plants and flowers, pocketing small stones and shells or carving your initials into a tree trunk may all seem harmless but when it’s multiplied by thousands of visitors who come to Byron Bay every year, then it quickly becomes a very big deal. Many places you visit in Byron Bay are part of National Parks, Reserves or even World Heritage areas and they are protected by law. The rare beauty and environmental balance is very vulnerable to even tiny changes. So please tread lightly and stay on the tracks, try not to disrupt the natural environment and pay respect to the wonders you have come to enjoy.

4. Chose Eco-Minded Tour Guides

Your choice of tour operator can make a huge difference on the impact your presence can have on Byron Bay and the hinterland’s precious and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours, we pride ourselves on making some of the most picturesque locations and adrenalin packed experiences accessible to you with the smallest amount of impact. Small tour groups, years of experience and our eco certification are all testament to the fact that we hold the environment at the top of our list of priorities.

5. On Ya Bike

Take a stroll through Byron Bay and you’ll see so many locals and visitors alike, on bike. Operating on “Byron time” is perfect for cruising around town on a bike enjoying the breeze in your face, the sunshine and atmosphere (riding naked and painted in rainbows is optional). It also means you don’t have to bother trying to find a parking space. For the most part everything you need is within a few minutes ride and it’s great for mother-nature. There are plenty of bike hire places in town to match you up with your perfect ride and over 15 km’s of purpose-built bike paths. But if you like it a little rough, then perhaps we could suggest another eco-friendly activity on 2 wheels. Mountain biking through the forest is just about as eco centric as you can get. Check out our Bike n’ Hike Adventure Tour and you’ll get the perfect blend of thrills and nature.

Blessed with unmatchable natural beauty from the beaches and the coast to rainforests and volcanic mountain ranges, incredible wildlife and pure clean safe water, we are lucky to live in an area that many would call paradise. We strive every day to protect these areas while helping to showcase them to travellers from around the world. We truly love Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region and together with your help we can protect it for all to enjoy.