Rewards of a Byron Bay Tour


What type of person goes on an adventure-filled Byron Bay tour and what are the rewards?

Stereo-typing the sort of person who goes on one of our Byron Bay tours is as difficult as the Northern Rivers region is diverse.

According to Wikipedia, “Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel to a remote and possibly hostile areas. Adventure tourism maybe any tourist activity, including two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature”. Although we’d like to think we’ve omitted the hostile part, we definitely strive to fulfil the later part of this definition on all our Byron Hinterland and Byron Bay tours.

Physical activity is an obvious inclusion, but be assured we tailor our Byron Bay tours to suit the levels of fitness and age of the participants.

By far the most rewarding element of our Byron Bay tours are people connecting with this regions amazing natural attributes. Be it an ancient rainforest, majestic waterfall, fresh water creek swim or watching the migrating whales and their baby calves.

Personally we enjoy tours that encourage cultural exchange – and the Northern Rivers has as many different cultures and counter cultures, as it has picturesque landscapes.

This exposure to the different and new is a strong part of our adventure tours and we guarantee an experience that helps you get out of your comfort zone, connect with nature and interacting with some of the more colourful locals. By eliminating the need for you personally to worry about maps, a GPS, camping gear, vehicles and even food – you can sit back and concentrate on soaking up all the experiences natural and cultural we can expose you to.

So – who goes on an adventure tour? The answer is truly anyone willing to experience new things, regardless of age, fitness or gender.

This experience of the new often leads to bonding experiences within the groups and it’s not unusual for people to meet new best friends or even romantic partners – after all you all have the adventurous spirit in common.

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