The Ultimate Stress-Free Team Christmas Party

Tra la la la la. ‘Tis the season of…the work Christmas party. But don’t panic! If you’ve been handed the reins of organising the most anticipated (or dreaded) event on the work calendar then we’re letting you in on a secret. Ditch the same old tired, boring end of year get-togethers (that have been rehashed as many times as the celebrity Christmas Carol album) and opt for something new and bold.

The elves here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours are Byron’s #1 team for adventure-driven, crowd-pleasing, group experiences for all abilities. So, are you ready to seize the reindeer by the antlers and overhaul your Christmas party? Read on…

Step Out of the Every Day

Escaping the office desks, the serving counters, the restaurant tables and the every day will create a sense of fun and excitement. Breaking the routine is a fantastic way to bond with colleagues and get to know each other. Try slowing it down with our one day Byron & Beyond Adventure Tour. Spend time tasting the delights of The Farm (maybe with a drink or two?), exploring Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens as well as stopping off in Bangalow. Add an extra element of surprise by not revealing the destinations, but instead setting-up a social media page where you can add clues as you go plus photos from the day.

Understand your Mix

How mixed and varied are your team? What ages do you need to account for? Do you have thrill seekers amongst you? A little bit of detective work goes a long way to ensuring everyone has a great time. The beauty of a Byron Bay Adventure Tour is there is something for everyone, with tours ranging from half day and one day outings to two day overnight experiences. Working within a budget? Relax – we offer great value-for-money tours that go the extra mile including special discounts for groups and customised tour options. Still unsure? Pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 120 028.

Lay Down a Challenge

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get your team enjoying themselves. Imagine challenging your whole team to surfing a wave together? It can happen with our Waves to Waterfalls Tour. What about working in groups to be the first to reach the summit of Mt Warning for a special prize? A Mount Warning Day Tour or Mount Warning Sunrise Climb is for you. How about a ‘Secret Santa’ hunt amongst the rainforest around Minyon Falls? Our Big Day Out Byron Hinterland Tour is what you’re looking for. We know from experience that groups who achieve together like this, take their friendships and success back to the workplace. Plus your team will have some great stories to tell over shared food and drinks.

Add some Wow Factor

Any celebration is more memorable when there is a knockout moment. How about a close encounter with a dolphin on our Earth to Surf Adventure Tour or swimming at the bottom of a 100 metre waterfall on our Big Day Out Byron Hinterland Tour or a gyrocopter flight over Byron Bay with our show-stopping Byron 360 Adventure Tour. By choosing to come adventuring with us you are guaranteed to take your Christmas event from average to unbelievable.

Make it Easy on Yourself

With our all-inclusive approach, making a booking for a Byron Bay Adventure Tours Christmas party will leave you to have fun with your team. We take care of all the finer details including delicious food, equipment, camping gear, transfers and transport. It couldn’t be easier. We have de-stressed the process so you can enjoy the ride. If you like the sound of that, then you owe it yourself and your staff to give us a call.

Now the secret is out. We’ve shown you just how easy it is to bring all the elements together to create the ultimate Christmas party. Take the leap and answer the call of adventure.