Unleash your Inner Adventurer in Byron Bay

Do you love what you do? Are you one of the lucky ones who are really passionate about your job? Here at Byron Bay Adventure Tours we really do get to live the dream. We get to meet incredible people, do incredible things and no two days are ever the same.

The truth is that while we do take people to see the wonders of Byron Bay – what we really do is unleash people’s inner child and free spirit. We give our adventurers a chance to climb, swim, laugh, reach summits, ride waves, and yes – even to fly.

So, go with us on this one – just for a moment and think back to when you were a child. Did you read the Choose Your Own Adventure books, where YOU decided the outcome of the book by choosing different options which lead to different adventures? Well, here’s how WE do it:

Choose Your Own Adventure – Byron Style

1. If you want to explore the Byron hinterland and Minyon Falls, but you only have one day before heading back to reality, then book our Big Day Out Hinterland Tour. An extremely popular tour, where we take you into the heart of the fabled Nightcap National Park, go swimming in ancient rock pools and bring you home via the artsy village of Bangalow.

2. If you’d rather release your inner peace child as well as go camping in the Byron hinterland, then book our Overnight Escape Tour. Combine your yearning to get-in-touch with nature, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, sleeping under the stars and doing some shopping and sight-seeing in the famous little hippy town of Nimbin.

3. If you want to take to the skies like Peter Pan, Tinkerbell or Superman (or you just love an adrenalin hit), then book our Byron 360 Adventure Tour. Soar above Byron Bay in a Gyrocopter and see Byron Bay from a whole new perspective! Then accompany us on a trek to the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse.

4. Or are you drawn to the ocean and want to get up close to dolphins, turtles and even possibly a whale or two, then book our Earth to Surf Adventure Tour. Explore the Byron hinterland, followed by an ocean sea kayak in Byron Bay. This really is the best of both worlds.

5. If you want to see the first sun-rays to hit mainland Australia, then it has to be our Mt Warning Sunrise Climb. Scale Mt Warning’s summit before dawn and discover what it feels like to feel truly alive! This is one sunrise we guarantee you’ll never forget.

It’s your choice! Byron Bay is a place where you can be anything or anyone you want to be and it’s just waiting to set you free. We have a load more adventure tours for you to pick from, so CLICK HERE to get started and choose your own adventure…